Dyno testing Volkswagen Jetta Dieselgate Edition – Video

All was going well for the Wolfsburg headquartered German car company – Volkswagen (literally meaning People’s Car in German). For VW, one of the biggest highlight for 2014 was achieving aim of becoming the largest car maker in the world. Little did they expect that there will be an even bigger highlight for 2014.

Dieselgate is the term which has been coined to describe what Volkswagen has done to escape the stringent emission tests. After discontinuing their diesel powered cars in the US, Volkswagen came back in 2009 with something called as Clean Diesel.

This new diesel engine not only delivered more power, but also delivered better fuel efficiency. The most important part, it passed the stringent emission tests in the US. But, only in the labs and not on the roads.

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Volkswagen had installed a software code which recognized when the car was being tested inside a laboratory for emissions. Once this cheat code recognized that the car is under test, it used to change its behaviour. When under test in lab, the diesel engine’s output reduced, and so did the harmful NOx emissions.

But when being driven out on the road, the engine used to deliver more power, and upto 20 times more NOx emissions than the said limit.

So what happens when such a car is dyno tested? The results for us to see in the video below.