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E-rickshaw Sewa scheme and permit for NCT of Delhi

The E-rickshaw Sewa scheme ensures these three wheelers ply in National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT) subject to compliance with the following regulations. Battery operated E-rickshaws will have a seating capacity of 4 persons excluding the driver, with maximum luggage of 40 Kgs as per notification bearing No. GSR.709 (E) dated 8th October, 2014 of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India.

E-rickshaw Sewa scheme

E-rickshaw variants in use in Delhi must be duly approved in accordance with provisions of section 126 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 under the new notification. They will be registered as transport vehicles under the registration series DL-1ER and will be issued contract carriage permits (without fare meter). They will not ply on roads where there use is prohibited as notified by Transport Department, and are to be equipped with a first aid box and fire extinguisher.

Permit holder’s name, address, and telephone number is to be painted on the left side of the vehicle. Transport Department helpline number (42-400-400) and that of Delhi Police (1095) will be displayed inside and outside of e-rickshaws. A Yellow reflective strip will be affixed on its rear, and as per regulation, e-rickshaws will not exceed length of 2.8 meters, 1.8 meters height and 1 meter width. A valid fitness certificate issued by Transport Department is mandatory.

E-rickshaw owners need a valid license to drive it, and a Public Service Badge is required. Applicants should not own any other E-rickshaw or transport vehicle with permit. Ownership is transferable, except in case of death of permit holder as prescribed in section 82 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and rules framed there under. No passenger is allowed to sit on the driver’s seat or allowed to commute standing in the vehicle. Drivers will wear a grey colour uniform as mandated by State Transport Authority Delhi, and a Public Service Vehicle Badge should be visible on the uniform on left side of the chest.

Driver should not be under the influence of drink or drugs, and should not play any audio device in the vehicle during duty hours. An incident of indecent behavior/ molestation/ eve teasing in an E-rickshaw requires the driver/permit holder to inform the Police immediately and take the victim to the nearest Police Station/Police Post/PCR van. Misbehaviour with passenger/intending passenger is admonished. Driver’s are required to assist senior citizens and differently abled persons, while boarding and alighting.

Permit holders will charge e-rickshaw batteries through own means in an authorized/legal manner. Hazardous chemical or explosive or inflammable material, etc, are not to be carried in the vehicle. Used lead acid battery disposal should only be through an authorized e-waste disposal agency.

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