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Eicher offers connected tech on all buses, trucks – Free Uptime Services

VECV revealed today that Eicher has become first CV brand in India to offer connected tech on their entire range of trucks and buses

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) has announced 100 percent connected vehicles across its Eicher lineup. Powered by its connected vehicle solution – Eicher Live, the advancement is being introduced from August 1, 2020. Trucks and buses built on EUTECH6 platform will be equipped with pre-fitted hardware , which enables vehicles to be connected.

With logistics costs in India among the highest globally, a majority of operating costs of trucks and buses is attributed to fuel costs. The connected CV solution is designed to attain max possible fuel efficiency, thereby looking at savings of up to 10 percent in fuel costs through effective fuel management.

Improved Potential and Efficiency

Low asset utilisation or operational limited hours of trucks and buses adds to operational costs. Better infra, and an advanced BSVI range makes it possible to increase run time of vehicles. Effective trip management can result in 20 percent more run time. This helps improve uptime and logistics efficiency to up revenue-earning potential. Connected Eicher commercial vehicle owners can capitalise on potential of earning and saving.

Eicher truck with connected tech
Eicher truck with connected tech

Connected Eicher Trucks and Buses features make inroads in fuel-efficiency, uptime backed by Eicher Uptime Centre support, and improved logistical efficiency in e-commerce and passenger safety in buses. Uptime Centre Support is free for 2 years. Fuel Management Services outline fuel coaching and driver training to improve fuel efficiency. Remote diagnostic support caters to all vehicle operational needs.

What VECV has to say

Vinod Aggarwal, Managing Director & CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles said, “The unique proposition of connected vehicles is a significant step towards modernising the CV industry. Starting with Eicher Live, then the uptime centre and now with 100% connected vehicles, we are closing the loop on providing a connected ecosystem for tomorrow, which is driven by the BS VI wave. These offerings will not only reduce the operational cost by maximising fuel efficiency but will also increase revenue through improved asset utilisation with superior uptime. It will also offer better safety and logistical efficiency to our partners and customers.”

Improved CV Management

Large fleet customers will be able able to manage fuel efficiency, safety and driving behaviour better. The tech is just as beneficial to last mile vehicle owners and operators.

Eicher advanced telematics system is integrated with electronics and engineered to that end. The telematics system works sensors to derive data for improved insight. Being connected to the CAN electronics one can access vehicle data generated by sensors, ECUs and exceptions through fault codes.

Support solutions are designed for advancement. Segment Specific Services cater to vehicles that are purpose built like trucks and carriers for e-commerce, and school buses.

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