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Eicher Pro 6000 Series comes to West India, March 2015 sales

Eicher Pro 6000 Series West India launch was attended by financiers and customers from Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and MP over a 4-day period. The new commercial vehicles range comprises of Eicher Pro 6031 (31T GVW 8X2), Eicher Pro 6025 (25T GVW 6×2) haulage trucks and Eicher Pro 6025T (25T GVW 6X4) tipper.

(L-R)Mr. SS Gill, Sr. Vice President Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket, Heavy Duty trucks and Mr. A K Birla, Executive VP, Sales, Marketing and After Market, VE Commercial Vehicles

VE Commercial vehicles Ltd reported 4503 (PY 4471) units sold in March 2015, up 0.7 pct. Sales includes 4401 units of Eicher vehicles and 102 units of Volvo brand.

Eicher trucks and buses total sales were reported at 4401 (PY 4366) units in March 2015, equating to 0.8 pct growth. In the domestic CV Market (5T and Above), Eicher Trucks and Buses sold 4186 units (PY 3944) units, equating to 6 pct sales growth.

Eicher Trucks and Buses exports were down to 317 (PY 527) units last month, down 39.8 pct. Volvo truck sales of 102 (PY 105) units in Mar 2015 marks a 2.9 pct decline.

Eicher Pro 6000 Series has been worked upon by Volvo Group and Eicher. together. A K Birla, Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket, VE Commercial Vehicles said Eicher Pro 6000 Series marks a milestone in journey of Eicher Trucks and Buses to be recognised as a strong player in the commercial vehicle industry, especially heavy duty segment.

HD is the largest and fastest growing category making it the most important segment in Eicher Trucks and Buses product portfolio. West India market is crucial for CV industry and contributes to over-all VECV growth plans. The Mumbai event offered customers an immersive experience, wherein they could drive the trucks.

Eicher Pro 6000 Series next-gen heavy duty trucks bring together Volvo Group’s class leading tech and Eicher’s frugal cost expertise and management for end user profitability and driver effectiveness.

Eicher Pro 6000 Series uses VEDX5 and VEDX8 engines designed together with Volvo Group. Volvo new gen Engine Management System (EMS 3.0) manages high efficiency running of VEDX 5 engine. The modern day range benefits from telematics (Eicher Live), fuel coaching, and cruise control, on board diagnostics systems, and fault indicators.

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