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Eicher Promise launched to increase customer satisfaction: Enroute repair within 48 hours

Eicher has announced a special scheme which will augment customer satisfaction. Eicher Promise has been launched for the entire range of Eicher brand of trucks and buses, thereby enhancing customer relations. The company promises putting vehicles back on the road within 48 hours of being reported and will be available across the Golden Quadrilateral and NSEW corridors. In case the company cannot live upto its 48 hours commitment, the customer is entitled to compensation.

Eicher Freedom is another initiative devised by Eicher to increase vehicle utilization leading to higher profitability. This Zero Worry Service agreement is what protects users from unexpected costs resulting in high uptime of Eicher vehicles and genuine spare parts besides regular maintenance by company certified technicians. Mobile service vans at dealerships ensure service at the doorstep of the customer besides on site locations in case of an emergency. Eicher On Road Service is available 24×7 and toll free call centre assistance is available to tackle emergencies. Besides this, cashless insurance in alliance with insurance companies assists speedy repair with no extra onus on customers. The company has also come out with driver training programs which instruct the driver on ways and means to increase productivity thereby leading to better fuel efficiency and upkeep and maintenance of the vehicles.

The company has over 200 authorized service centers and 10,000 private road side mechanics all trained by Eicher to ensure that maximum benefit is received by the customer while vehicles are maintained and serviced as per company recommendations.

News Release: “Eicher Promise” -An initiative towards customer Satisfaction Enroute repair within 48 hours

In an endeavor to enhance customer satisfaction, “Eicher Promise” has been launched for Eicher branded trucks and buses. Eicher promise will reduce downtime and lead to increased profitability for its “VE Series” of Heavy Duty trucks and buses.

“Eicher promise” is a commitment to time bound enroute service as an assurance to its Heavy Duty trucks & Bus customers of restoration and putting the vehicle back on road within 48 hours of it being reported. This promise is available 24×7 on the Golden Quadrilateral & N-S/E-W Corridors. In case the company is not able to deliver within 48 hours the customer is entitled to compensation.

According to Mr. Vinod Aggarwal, CEO, VECV ( VE Commercial Vehicles Limited) “Providing service & ensuring 100% uptime to existing customers and operators to increase their productivity and profitability has always been our top most priority and motto. By initiating “Eicher Promise”, we are cementing our commitment to be the number one after sales service provider in the country”

This is one of the several initiatives being driven by the company to ensure enhanced service coverage for its “VE Series” of heavy duty trucks & Heavy duty buses which help in maximizing uptime and thereby better the operating economics for the operator. There are over 200 authorized service centre and over 10,000 private road side mechanics trained by Eicher, ensuring that the vehicles are maintained as per recommended service protocols, he added.

Besides “Eicher Promise” the other initiatives by Eicher to help increase the vehicle utilization leading to higher profitability include:

1. “Eicher Freedom”- The Zero Worry Service agreement (AMC) that helps in protection from unexpected costs ensuring high uptime of Eicher vehicles with Eicher Genuine parts and regular maintenance by Eicher trained mechanic.

2. Mobile service vans at dealerships to ensure service at doorsteps and far flung locations in case of emergency

3. Eicher On Road Service (EOS) -Eicher On Road Service (EOS) -24X7 toll free call centre assistance for emergency breakdowns

4. Cashless Insurance in association with Insurance Companies which helps in speedy repair with no burden to the owner

5. Various driver training programmes which help in making the driver more effective and productive leading to high fuel efficiency, better upkeep and maintenance and more profits

In addition, for specific locations and especially for its “VE” Series of Eicher Terra Tippers, Eicher has put special focus in specific tipper cluster locations to provide on the spot service to the vehicles. The company is in the process of setting up Container workshops at the tipper cluster site to ensure high uptime and greater utilization of the vehicle.

Eicher launched its “VE” Series of Fuel efficient heavy duty Eicher in Jan 2010. The last 2 years has seen around 14,000 VE series trucks on the road gaining wide customer acceptance and helping the company outperform the industry. The various customer support initiatives would further help Eicher increase customer confidence and acceptance

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