Eicher trucks and buses records 7.3% sales increase in August 2012

Eicher Group in India, a leading player in the automobile industry where branded buses and trucks are concerned, recorded sales of 3,909 units in August 2012 resulting in an increase of 7.3% as compared to sales during August 2011. Their YTD 2012 sales are at 33,570 units as compared to 31,206 units in the same period in 2011 thus resulting in an increase of 7.6%. Sale of buses stood at 843 units during the past month which was a 53.6% increase over sales of buses in August 2011.

In bus segment, the company recorded growth of 43.8%. August 2012 sales stood at 785 units while sales in August 2011 stood at 546 units. YTD sales in 2012 stood at 6,540 units as against 4,841 units in YTD 2011 thus resulting in a growth of 35.1%.

These optimistic growth figures continued where heavy duty Eicher trucks were concerned as well. Here sales stood at 610 units in domestic markets and YTD sales were at 5,369 units in 2012 period as against 4,536 units in same period in 2011 with the company experiencing growth to a tune of 18.4%.

India auto news release: Eicher records sale of 3909 units in Aug 2012

The following are the key highlights for Aug 2012

Eicher branded trucks and buses have recorded sales of 3909 units in the month of Aug 2012 which is 7.3% higher than Aug 2011 sales. The YTD 2012 sales stands at 33570 units as compared to YTD 2011 sales of 31206 units, representing a growth of 7.6%. The growth is driven by buses which have recorded sale of 843 units in Aug 2012, representing a growth of 53.6% over Aug 2011.

In the domestic CV Market ( 5T and Above), Eicher branded Trucks and Buses have recorded a growth of 9% in Aug 2012 as compared to Aug 2011. The Aug 2012 figure stood at 3712 units as compared to 3407 units in Aug2011. The YTD 2012 sales stand at 31889 units as compared to YTD 2011 sales of 29259 units, representing a growth of 9%.

In the domestic Bus segment, Eicher Buses have recorded a 43.8% growth. The Aug 2012 sales stand at 785 units as compared to 546 units in Aug 2011. The YTD 2012 sales stand at 6540 units as compared to YTD 2011 sales of 4841 units, representing a 35.1% growth.

The heavy-duty (HD) Eicher trucks have recorded sales of 610 units in the domestic market as against 604 units in Aug 2011.. YTD Eicher HD sales are 5369 units as against 4536 units in 2011, representing a 18.4% growth.

About VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd (VECV):

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) is a 50-50 joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited. In operation since July 2008, the company includes the complete range of Eicher branded trucks and buses, VE Powertrain, Eicher’s components and engineering design services businesses as well as the sales and distribution business of Volvo trucks within India.