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An electric car that delivers 10,956 kmpl equivalent efficiency

TUfast eLi14, the world’s most efficient electric car gains entry into Guinness World Record books.

Designed by a team from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, TUfast eLi14 is a super efficient single seater three-wheeled car. It was created by the team two years ago specifically for 2014 Shell Eco Marathon while it has received an engine upgrade which has gained it entry in the Guinness World Record books.

On its initial testing at the Audi testing grounds, TUfast eLi14 was seen with energy usage of 1,142 km/kWh (710 mi/kWh). Upgrades with a revised magnet placement and silver wire coils along with new set of wheels took this upto 1,232 km/kWh (765.53 mi/kWh) to cover a distance of 10,956 kms on a single liter of 95 RON petrol.

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TUfast eLi14 is the fourth of 6 ultra eco cars built by students over the years. It bears a tear drop shape and can be piloted by a single person in its rather cramped cockpit. Light in weight at around 30 kgs without its driver, TUfast eLi14 is made of carbon fiber and receives LiPo – Lithium Polymer batteries.

The car can be recharged by a solar panel positioned on its roof. It runs on 3 wheels so as to reduce rolling friction while transparent parts are made of Makrolon. The electric motor that powers the TUfast eLi14 is also designed by the students and is able to generate 140 W.


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