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Electric car, EV sales increase two fold in India – 56k EVs sold in FY 2018

In view of the 100% electric mobility plan by 2030, two wheeler sales have seen two fold growth over the past two years while sales of four wheelers have significantly diminished.

As per data released by Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, sales of two wheelers have been growing over the years. In FY 15-16, sales of electric two wheelers stood at 20,000 units which increased to 23,000 units in FY16-17 while it witnessed a steep increase to 54,800 units in FY17-18.

At the other end of the spectrum, sales of electric four wheels have been found insignificant. Sales in FY15-16 stood at 2,000 units which continued at 2,000 units in FY16-17 and dipped to 1,200 units in FY17-18. These sales took total electric vehicle sales from 22,000 units in FY15-16 to 25,000 units in FY 16-17 and thereon to 56,000 units in FY 17-18.

Of all the electric vehicle makers in the country, Mahindra Electric is the only OEM selling electric vehicles of some standing. The range includes the eVerito, e2o, eSupro Passenger and eAlfa.

PM Modi in electric rickshaw.

Apart from Mahindra, Tata Motors too has managed to make some mark in the electric car industry. They managed to win government order of 10,000 electric cars (Tigor electric). The first phase of this plan is already in progress and multiple cars has been delivered to government officials, who have already started using these cars as their daily official car.

Bajaj, Mahindra will soon launch electric rickshaws. Other than this, there are many EV brands who are dealing in two and three wheeled vehicles. Recently, it was revealed that the number of EVs in India has now outgrown than the total number of EVs in China. Read more about it here.

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