Electric is the way to go for Volkswagen (Touareg Hybrid)

Being all the more cautious about the green revolution, Volkswagen plans to expand its electric drive vehicles fleet. The Geneva Motor Show was used as a platform by VW to showcase the Touareg Hybrid. In 2011, a 500 Golf’s fleet of electric drives is expected. It is speculated that in 2013, the high volume Golf’s and Jetta models of the VW brand are expected to dominate the hybrid and electric vehicle market.

The Chairman of Board Management said that VW plans to expand its test fleet of 500 Golf’s in 2011. Also, a hybrid version of the Jetta for the US market is going to launch in 2012. It doesn’t stop here, in 2013, the E-UP goes into production. It also plans to become a leader in e-mobility by year 2018. VW plans to attain three percent share in electric vehicle market and also intends to pull out hybrid from its niche status.

Though today the electric cars are capable only of short ranges up to 150 Km, VW intend to push them quite ahead. With this intent, it plans to conduct field studies across Europe, North America, and China in the coming months for feasibility. In Geneva, VW is focusing on technological competence in hybrid development and has hence already introduced the new Touareg Hybrid.

The plan that VW intends to follow is that they want to explore the potential of internal combustion engines to reach their goal of reducing fuel consumption and emissions. They also foresee vehicles with electric drives and the ones with internal combustion engines co-existing.

The purely electric car launch will be systematic. The first of such launch will be of the E-UP cars in 2013, E-Golf follows, and thus followed by the crucial event by VW groups E-strategy with the launch of E-Jetta.
The roadmap for milestones planned by VW is Jetta Hybrid in August 2012, the Passat Hybrid in August 2013, and the Golf Hybrid two months later.