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Electric Scooter Sales 2022 – Ola S1 Vs iQube Vs Ather Vs Chetak

Ola S1 topped EV sales in CY 2022 with 1.06 lakh units sold with a monthly average of 8,914 units and a 41.94 percent on this list

Ather Electric Scooter
Ather Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have been widely accepted by buyers in India. Sales figures each month increase several fold and with newer offerings and a host of new OEMs entering this arena, competition is set to get stronger in the months ahead. We assess sales of 4 of the top electric scooters that include the Ola S1, TVS iQube, Ather 450 and Bajaj Chetak.

Taking these 4 leading e-scooters into account, sales in the past calendar year stood at 2,55,044 units. Out of this, Ola S1 contributed 1,06,962 units (retail) with a monthly average of 8,914 units, and a share percentage of 41.94.

Electric Scooter Sales 2022

Sales in Q1 of 2022 stood at 14,127 units which increased to 27,790 units in Q2 2022. Q3 sales dipped to 16,209 units only to make up in Q4 of 2022 with 48,836 unit sales with sales in each of the last 3 months of the year above the 15,000 unit mark. Ola Electric currently offers the S1 Pro and S1 while Ola S1 Air is set to enter markets in April 2023.

TVS iQube scooter sales stood at 59,166 units in CY 2022. This was at an average of 4,931 units each month with a 23.20 percent share. TVS iQube was updated in May 2022 and since then monthly sales have increased significantly. From Q1 sales of 5,566 units, sales increased to 8,725 units in Q2 2022 and then on to 15,645 units and 29,230 units in Q3 and Q4 respectively.

Electric Scooter Sales 2022 - Ola S1 Vs iQube Vs Ather Vs Chetak
Electric Scooter Sales 2022 – Ola S1 Vs iQube Vs Ather Vs Chetak

Tremendous sales growth was also seen in the case of the Ather electric scooter through CY 2022. Total sales stood at 59,123 units in the past year with a monthly average of 4,927 units and 23.18 percent share. Sales which started off at 7,458 units in Q1 2022 increased to 10,797 units in Q2 2022.

Ather and Bajaj Electric Scooter Sales

H1 sales stood at 18,255 units. Q3 sales were up at 16,234 units which went ahead to 24,634 units in Q4 2022 to end H2 2022 with 40,868 units. December 2022 was the highest monthly sales for Ather 450 at 9,187 units. The company has recently introduced new colours for the 450 while seat gets larger, wider and more comfortable.

In CY 2022, there were a total of 29,793 units of the Bajaj Chetak sold. This was an average of 2,483 units with an 11.68 percent share among these 4 best-selling electric scooters. Chetak sales increased from 3,384 units in Q1 2022 to 6,259 units in the Q2 period.

Q3 and Q4 sales stood at 9,799 units and 10,351 units respectively. Bajaj currently sells the Chetak across 43 locations in India which will be expanded to 80 centers by the end of this fiscal. There are also plans to launch the Chetak electric scooter in Europe by early 2024

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