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Elon Musk hands over keys to first 5 RHD Tesla S owners in UK

Right Hand Drive Model S Arrives in the UK

Elon Musk was present in person to deliver 5 new cars to customers in London. Tesla’s CEO heralded the arrival of right hand drive (RHD) Model S in UK setting pace for quick expansion here over the next 2 years. From an intial store and service centre, by 2014 end more Tesla outlets are expected in UK.

Right Hand Drive Model S Arrives in the UKFor the RHD fully electric Model S in UK, Tesla has completed a country-specific validation programme so vehicles are optimised for a specific market they are to be sold in. Resultantly, right hand drive cars Tesla’s are available with software specific to the country with a configuration for owner needs who drive on the left hand side of the road. For UK, specific changes to wipers, braces in the front trunk and more have been re-fitted.

Tesla’s 1st Supercharger location in UK is now functional at Crystal site at Royal Victoria Docks. The spot marks the beginning of a route to Paris and Europe thereafter so Model S can travel across the continent without spending on fuel. Elon Musk’s vision sees Model S drivers will travel almost anywhere in Europe using Superchargers by 2014 end.

Model S Right Hand DriveTesla has been keeping busy energising Superchargers at quick pace with 125+ Supercharger locations globally, and 19 in Europe. In all, the company has offset more than 2.5 million litres of petrol for free.

Right Hand Drive Model S UKSuperchargers for Model S customers will be placed at multiple locales across London to set up Tesla’s 1st set of inner city Superchargers. Branching out to other cities in the UK will be initiated by 2014 end. The end plan is to ensure Tesla customers are able to travel across UK for free within the next 18 months.

Right Hand Drive Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S RHD UK

Tesla Model S RHD

Tesla Model S Right Hand Drive


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