Emirates flight from Trivandrum belly lands in Dubai; no casualties reported (Update)

An Emirates Boeing 777-300 which took from Trivandrum, Kerala, at around 10:20 am today morning with 282 passengers (as per initial reports) on board developed an issue shortly before landing at Dubai.

The issue which is not clear as of now forced the pilots to perform belly landing on one of the runways of Dubai international airport this afternoon. The crash landed jet liner caught fire (some reports say that smoke in cabin was the cause of the emergency) but fortunately no casualties has been reported so far. All passengers and crew are reported to have been evacuated to safety.

The pictures suggest that the landing gear failed to retract and the pilots seem to have done a brilliant job of containing what could have easily been a huge disaster. Needless to say, all arrivals and departures at the Dubai airport have been suspended as of now.

The exact cause for the accident would be known after the initial investigation. For now, Dubai airport personnel are busy in bringing back normalcy at the airport.

Emirates has announced that it will shortly update its website with details of the EK 521 mishap. The Boeing 777 family of long range wide body twin-jet aircraft has been having a splendid track record for reliability and safety. Other recent mishaps involving a 777 are the Malaysia Airlines MH17 which went down after getting hit by a missile and the MH 370 whose disappearance still remains to be a mystery.

UPDATE – Emirates Chairman H.H. Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum addresses the media following #EK521 incident

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