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En Route Media in taxi TV-Flo a highly captivating medium for passengers in Mumbai

Commuting is usually tiring and if one doesn’t have any source of entertainment the journey turns out to be less exciting. En Route Media has incorporated in taxi TV-Flo which allows users passengers to sit back and relax while watching documentaries or movie trailers. It has been seen that there are a number of individuals who after watching a commercial or a documentary feel the need to give generously in order to benefit others.

Be it any individual, everyone will enjoy using this interactive TV medium. So much so has been the impact of this media that transformed the heart o a man who donated an entire building in Jaipur for St. Jude’s noble cause. Volkswagen also chose Flo to showcase their Jetta TSI sedan campaign in an offline environ. TVC for the 2012 Olympic Games were also aired on this entertainment medium.

Movie trailers are also incorporated by En route and many people clicked and watched these trailers. This test campaign was conducted for a period of 11 days and it showed that 1 in 2 passengers used the interface to watch a movie trailer of their liking.
News release: Cheer for Team India with En Route Media| India’s leading provider of in taxi media

What’s been keeping us busy?
1. Giving back: St. Judes, an organisation that sets up centers for underprivileged cancer patients was showcasing themselves on our in-taxi interactive TV – Flo. A few days earlier we heard about a fascinating incident that has truly humbled us.

A gentleman was stuck in Mumbai’s usual traffic, while Flo was there to give him company. Turns out he caught the St. Judes TVC, was touched by it and that experience catapulted him into donating an entire building in Jaipur to St.Jude’s noble cause.

2. Bringing online campaigns offline: Volkswagen chose to extend their YouTube Volkswagen Jetta TSI campaign to our medium. Together we specially adapted the campaign to our offline environment and after a month we can confidently say that it was a real success!

3. Cheering on Team India: The London Olympics 2012 is keeping everybody busy in the world, and we are no different! 3 medals down and there’s more to come, go Team India!

Are passengers really watching in-taxi TV?
New results say YES!

We recently added a Movie Trailer section to our set of channels on Flo. Passengers were to voluntarily click on the specific channel and then select a trailer of their choice to watch. We got some fantastic results that we wanted to share with you.

Brands: We partnered with PVR, UTV and Warner Brothers to let our passengers have a sneak peak at some upcoming movies like Rowdy Rathore, Shanghai and Rock of Ages.

Campaign: Our pilot run lasted 11 days showcasing all three movies in a separate channel on Flo.

Result: We found that 1 in every 2 passengers was proactively clicking the Movie Trailer channel and watching a trailer of their liking! Look at a more detailed report here.

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