Ender’s Game Audi fleet shuttle quattro 1:4 scale model

Audi_fleet_shuttle_quattro (15)
It may be just a small presentation in the film, but Audi was up in the lights at a premiere at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood as movie stars Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley walked across the red carpet that prominently displayed the Audi logo and a small model of the car.

Audi fleet shuttle quattro was designed by Frank Rimili and fellow designer Bjorn Wehrti who also attended the party.


How It’s Made: The Ender’s Game Audi quattro fleet concept

Designing of the car took them an entire year and though this car will never go into production, some of its parts, curves and design features may make its way into an Audi production car in the future.

It may also be noted that the car created for the film is purely digital. All sequences were filmed using an Audi A7 until a digitally created car could be shown in the film.

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