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India’s first Anti-Lift Tractor launched by Escorts, priced at Rs 5.6 lakhs

With specific focus both on driver safety and owner savings, new Anti Lift Tractor from Escorts will be available in two variants: LT4000 and ALT3500 offering 37 hp and 41 hp and priced at INR 5.3 lakhs and INR 5.6 lakhs. To be offered in markets of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Chattishgarh, Jharkhand and Bihar, these recently launched tractors will benefit from innovative technology developed by Escorts with improvements seen in front lift resistance capacities.

Anti Lift Tractor (ALT) tractor from Escorts India

Front lift in tractors is viewed as a danger owing to reduced or no steering of front wheels, putting a driver at risk. It also leads to increased maintenance costs. Escorts R&D has deviced safety measures which shifts the centre of gravity and moves hitch point forward. Anti Lift Tractor also sports features such as hub reduction transmission, increased wheelbase and heavy front axle besides stiffener bars and plates and custom designed 85 kg front bumpers. Anti Lift Tractors also sport high intensity extra front lamps while all these features work together to enhance resistance capacity of the tractors.

Savings to owners is due to the Anti Lift Tractors (ALT), available in two models, ALT 4000 and ALT 3500 sporting a certified fuel efficient engine, haulage special low wear rear tyres and four coat high life yellow paint along with long life oil brakes and a fuel tank that has 20% extra capacity.

ALt is made specifically for commercial haulage operators. Escorts ALT technology version 1.0 will be extended to newer versions 2.0 and 3.0 in time. Shenu Agarwal, Vice President, Head of Knowledge Management Centre (R&D), Escorts Agri Machinery syas engineers have understood the pain of haulage customers and designed India’s first comprehensive Anti Lift Tractors by Powertrac.

S P Pandey –Chief General Manager & Market Lead –Powertrac, Escorts Agri Machinery says Anti Lift Tractors from Powertrac is an understanding of customer requirements. While driving up a gradient, tractors tend to wobble with a fully loaded trailer hitched to it. Increased wear and tear, and accidents increase inefficiencies.

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