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Navi Mumbai to follow Delhi in implementing even-odd rule?

Even-odd rule road rationing

Nothing is finalized yet.

Even as the even-odd rule announced by the Delhi government is being hotly debated, authorities in Navi Mumbai are hoping that a similar rule, if implemented, would serve well to reduce pollution and traffic in the region.

The authorities are contemplating the Delhi model to counteract the rise of vehicle registrations at Vashi and Panvel RTOs as well as to regulate the plying of floating population of tankers (about 10,000 of them pass through Navi Mumbai daily). Arvind Salve, DCP (Traffic), Navi Mumbai, stated that first the effectiveness of such a rule have to be studied by watching Delhi and then the state government has to take the call.

Meanwhile, SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) voiced its skepticism of Delhi’s even-odd rule. The organization’s director General Sugato Sen believes that singling out private cars for pollution is unfair since they account only for about 10% of vehicular pollution. He argues that two wheelers contribute to around 40% and the rest come from trucks and public transport vehicles.

When asked if the move could result in sales decline, General Sen said that he is actually expecting it to increase because people with even number cars could opt to buy an additional car with odd registration number and vice versa so that they can drive on any given day. If such a trend takes flight, then the very purpose of the rule would be defeated. Nor would there by any significant reduction in traffic congestion.

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It would be very interesting few days as Delhi government is gearing up to test its proposal next month.

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