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India’s most premium electric scooter to debut at 2020 Auto Expo

Everve electric scooter

In the long list of electric vehicle debuts which will be taking place at Auto Expo next week, one more name was added today.

Next week, Pune based Everve Motors will unveil its premium e-scooter at Auto Expo 2020. Everve electric scooter prototype is a first from the company. And the makers look forward to revolutionize the premium electric scooter segment. The company is relying on the e-scooter concept’s futuristic design and advanced engineering to wow customers.

The Everve e-scooter tis high on sustainability quotient. Top speed is pegged at 110kms/hour, and it’ll be made available with rechargeable batteries, which can be charged in five hours. In keeping with benchmarks, the setup isn’t complete without an in-built application that thrives on connected features. The app will provide information on range, battery status, maps, location, error codes, mode information, boost, OTA and several other features.

Everve electric scooter

Referred to as a low-maintenance EV, charging can be taken care of by a 5 Amp charging socket. The two concept teaser images shared by Everve outline a scooter that’s bright on lighting upfront. The light unit spans the breadth upfront and looks a bit like bull’s horns. The circular headlight sits below this light setup. The combined light elements up front further accentuate the e-scooters wide stance.

The study in black has plenty of blue accents including upward angular blue strip lights on the sides upfront. Though in prototype stage now, the e-scooter is planned to be launched in Q4 of 2020. Riding position will emulate that of a regular scooter with ample side footwell space. Considering the company will offer a rechargeable battery setup, this unit is likely to be placed in the underseat area.

The lithium-ion battery in use is tuned to scooter specifics, coupled with a powerful motor. The vehicle will meet customer needs, and is environment-friendly, and the company is confident of a supportive service network. The scooter is yet to receive ARAI certification. It will also require a RTO authorized registration no plate.

Auto Expo 2020 will witness the rise of names that have until now been unheard of in the automotive space. But given the current momentum, that’s going to change soon. With new age EV manufacturers dwelling on tech, as much as vehicle architecture, the path being created is altogether a new one. For now, it’s more the merrier but the real challenge begins when the selling starts. Whether or not, the public is enthused about these vehicles just as yet is left to be seen.

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