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EVTRIC Electric Motorcycle, Scooter Debuts At EV India Expo 2021

EVTRIC Electric Motorcycle - Rise
EVTRIC Electric Motorcycle – Rise

EVTRIC Motors unveils high-speed motorcycle and 2 e-scooters at EV India Expo 2021

EVTRIC Motors has unveiled three high speed two-wheelers at EV India Expo 2021. Being a new name in an industry that’s only just beginning to lay the groundwork of India’s future mobility is an exciting space to be in. For starters, the electric vehicle development phase will be a crucial one, and this encourages investments in the space.

The 3 scooters showcased are EVTRIC Rise(Motorcycle), EVTRIC Mighty (Scooter) and EVTRIC Ride Pro (Scooter). Concepts and case studies are important now as manufacturers guage market situations to understand just what would make the cut. A rather peculiar situation in current times has seen the electric two-wheeler market get something of an undue advantage.

EVTRIC Electric Motorcycle, Scooter – Specs

EVTRIC Rise high speed motorcycle is the first from the manufacturer. It features a 3.0 KWH Lithium-ion detachable battery. The company reports top speed of 100 kmph and riding range of 120 kms on a single charge.

EVTRIC Mighty high speed scooter attains max speed of 70 kmph, and comes with a ride range of 90 kms on a single full-charge. Ride Pro-high speed e-scooter reaches top speed of 75 kmph, and ride-range of 90 kms. EVTRIC Ride Pro is the advanced version of EVTRIC Ride scooter launched earlier in 2021.

EVTRIC Electric Scooter - Mighty
EVTRIC Electric Scooter – Mighty

Manoj Patil, Founder & MD, EVTRIC Motors, “The entire EVTRIC team has been putting a lot of efforts to offer quality products that raise the bars in the EV two-wheeler industry in India. This EV India Expo 2021 provided us with the perfect opportunity to unveil the striking innovations that are gaining a lot of acknowledgement and praise from the industry honchos, visitors, auto experts and users.

EVTRIC Electric Scooter and Motorcycle at EV India Expo 2021 - Greater Noida
EVTRIC Electric Scooter and Motorcycle at EV India Expo 2021 – Greater Noida

We have designed this product array further to in-depth market research and customer feedback. EV is new in India and there is so much to be done, however, if customer mindset is not taken into sincere consideration, the overall growth rate of the industry will only get dent. Therefore, we are a customer first brand, and are presenting the products on the lines that meet the expectations in terms of unique features, eye-catching design, and fine technology.”

Fuel price and electric scooters

Fluctuations in crude oil supplies, has kept fuel prices in India steady at a high. And somehow this economic crisis, instead of being dealt with through price corrections has been allowed to rise to great heights. And on the back of petrol price hikes, electric two-wheelers are being presented as the cost effective solution.

On the face of it, purchase cost of electric scooters isn’t exponentially lower than petrol scooters. The projected advantage always focuses on running costs, i.e, charging a battery as against buying petrol. Surely this analogy alone isn’t enough to convince the buyer.

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