Celebrities, Cricket stars get discounts of up to 60% on expensive cars and bikes

Being a celebrity would get you a discount of upto 60% on some of the leading luxury vehicles on sale in the country.

While normal customers would have to haggle to avail marginal discounts and some benefits, the case is just the reverse when the customer is a celebrity. Here the luxury auto makers themselves offer these luxury vehicles at discounts starting from 30-40% and sometimes even going as high as 60%.

Higher the celebrity rating, more will be the percentage of discount. A junior cricketer or soap star could be offered upto 20% discount on luxury vehicles while a bollywood superstar or leading sportsman or cricketer could drive off with a luxury car at a fraction of its original price.

The reason behind why luxury automakers are bending over backwards in their bid to sell luxury vehicles to celebrities is the fact that these celebrities then go off and tweet their new vehicles or put up pictures of themselves and their new set of luxury wheels on Instagram.

This in turn is an advertisement for the company with the celebrities as unofficial brand ambassadors. These celebrities and their luxury cars are also sometimes presented at events. They get social media updates and viewers comments pour in thereby pushing up the brand image on social networks.

Virat Kohli with Audi R8 V10 Plus

This special treatment to celebrity buyers of luxury cars starts all the way from the initial interest shown by the buyer. Car companies offer test drive demos for two to three months and at the end of this period, it is sold off to the buyer as a used car rather than as a brand new vehicle, thereby marking it down 60%. Cars are handed over to the celebrity at a formal event at which media is invited thereby enhancing brand image even further.

Virat Kohli Cars

Sachin Tendulkar Cars

Source Times of India