Cars with highest difference between exports vs domestic sales – Sep 2019

For vehicles with the biggest differences, domestic sales were a less than quarter of those exported in Sept 2019.

Nissan Sunny exports
Nissan Sunny sold only 53 in India. But exports were at 6,680 units for Sep 2019.

Low consumer sentiment continued to plague the Indian automobile sector in September 2019 and major automakers continued to reported a significant decline in domestic sales. Conversely, going by the difference between exports and domestic models, vehicles with largest disparity, reveals exports for these models were at about four times the number of domestic sales.

Earlier, we shared a report on the top 50 cars exported from India for Sep 2019. In this post, we will talk about top 10 cars which have the highest difference in domestic numbers vs their exports for Sep 2019.

At the top of the list is Nissan Sunny, whose exports are at 6,680 units while only 53 units were sold in the domestic market. This shows that Nissan Sunny is in fact one of the most manufactured sedan in India. Nissan Micra saw 498 units exported while 37 units were sold in domestic markets. In India, Nissan sold less than 300 vehicles last month.

Top 10 cars with highest difference in exports and domestic sales for Sep 2019.
Top 10 cars with highest difference in exports and domestic sales for Sep 2019.

Hyundai India also had two cars in the list – Verna and Xcent at No. 6 and 8 respectively. The Verna finds a lot of takers in African, Latin American and Middle East countries and exports stood at 5,297 units as against 1,738 units sold in domestic markets. Xcent exports were also at 2,294 units ahead of 1,164 units of domestic sales by 1,130 units.

Chevrolet may have stopped domestic sales but exports continue with Beat exports being upbeat at 5,667 units. Ford Figo, EcoSport and Figo Aspire all found mention in this list. Figo exports increased 3.24 percent to 5,222 units as compared to 5,058 units sold in the same month of the previous year. Ford Aspire exports have been particularly noteworthy. In September 2019, 1,880 units were exported, up from 831 units in September 2018.

VW Vento saw 4,460 units exports while 455 units were sold in domestic markets while Mahindra KUV100 was at No. 10 on the list with 506 units exported and 184 units sold in domestic markets in the past month.

Taking into account difference in sales performance between exports and domestic market in September 2019, it could be seen that total domestic sales for said models stood at 8,197 units with exports way ahead at 39,267 units. This was a difference of 31,070 units taking total sales (Domestic + Exports) of these 10 vehicles to 47,464 units in the past month. Essentially, cars that may not have wooed customers in India have wowed buyers overseas.