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External airbags displayed in iSAVEYou electric vehicles


A Hiroshima University affiliated business Humanix has recently revealed a three wheeler electric vehicle called iSAVEYou. A striking feature of this vehicle is that is it is covered with an airbag like cushion material made of tent fabric and sponge that springs back to its original form on impact. The goal is more to protect pedestrians who are involved in a crash rather than its occupants.

The vehicle is priced at ¥790,000 ($9,800) and can travel upto 30 kms on a single recharge which is possible on a home plug in point of 100 V. A prototype of this unique and outstanding vehicle was unveiled in October 2011 while it is still expected to enter markets which were delayed due to certain safety enhancements and availability of spare parts.

According to Humanix, iSAVEYou electric vehicles once launched will be ideally suited to an aging society and the company has already received orders from elderly and disabled buyers. The vehicle can be registered as a trike (bicycle with a side car) and required minimum amount of inspection and registration procedures at the Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Centre.


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