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So this is how you look in the eyes of Google self driving car


Google’s self driving cars are probably the cars of the future. They are not only seen as safer options as compared to human driven vehicles but are also tested successfully when blind people are driving these vehicles. So what does the brain of Google’s self driving car interpret when it is out on the road?

So this is how you look in the eyes of Google self driving car (2)Google self driving cars are on test currently. They are based on Lexus RX450h and Toyota Prius models. These prototypes are fitted with special sensors and a camera on top, through which it captures data at the rate of 1 GB per second. New images were revealed last week, which shows how the camera see’s you or everything else when it is working.

These neon images are captured by Google car’s camera They show a 360 degree field of view, which is then interpreted by the car’s intelligent system and converted into appropriate signals that help the car to navigate through traffic. Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has already categorized Google cars as safe as humans.

Besides being safer on the streets, these cars are also proved to be highly efficient when driven by blind people. A test was carried out and Steve Mahan who is 95% blind took out this Google self driving car to do his daily chores. He was accompanied by a Google employee who sat along with Mahan in his Toyota Prius, but did not offer any instructions or advice. The test was successful and at the end of it, Steve said, “You guys get out, I’ve got places I have to go.” Google’s self driven cars are expected to become reality within the next five years.

So this is how you look in the eyes of Google self driving car (1)


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