F1 in Schools India leg kicks off in Delhi with 88 teams

F1 in School kicks off in India (3)January 10, 2013 saw the launch India leg of F1 in Schools at the Amity University Campus at Noida. This three day “F1 in Schools” competition will see over 88 teams from across India, participating in the event. The competition was inaugurated by Padamshree Shovana Narayan, famous Kathak danseuse.

F1 in Schools, an international competition designed for children from age 9-19 years, where they design their own miniature F1 cars using balta wood via CAD/CAM design software. Once the mini F1 car is ready, respective teams race their cars with each other simultaneously on a 24 meter long track. The track is called F1 VWT – F1 Virtual Wind Tunnel. Though the name of the competition F1 in Schools, the racing style is more of drag racing, rather than that of Formula 1 racing.

The aim of this competition is that students will be called upon to design miniature F1 cars with special emphasis on statistics, mathematics, designing and management. These students will be divided into teams and the best team with the most innovative design will be declared a winner. Out of the 88 teams registered for participating in this competition, 18 are from schools and colleges around Noida while the rest are from across the country.

F1 in Schools competition was officially launched on 25th October 2012 at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Greater Noida in a bid to engage young minds and promote cross cultural enterprises in designing and making of miniature wooden F1 car replicas on a 25 meter race track to compete with other teams. The chief guest at the event was Ms. Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal and CEO of Sauber F1 team. Endorsed by Formula One, the competition has done the rounds in over 40 countries and attracted the attention of over 40 million students and resulting in 4 lakh students participating in the competition.