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F1 Race Stars offers real F1 thrill to gamers


‘F1 Race Stars’ is a fun and fast moving racing game set to entice all age groups of speed loving individuals while featuring official F1 cars, team and circuits all in one. ‘F1 Race Stars’ is a game played involving caricatures of real life racers where resemblance is evident even if they are just plastic. The drivers communicate with each other at starting grid and tracks are set to resemble race circuits from across the globe.

Across the Japanese circuit one can weave in and out of warring Sumo wrestlers and geishas serving noodles while in Abu Dhabi, the circuit is dotted with high rise hotels, building sites and desert terrain. Most tracks have at least two pit stops that you can pull into once cars start to look rickety with broken fenders and sparks coming out of the rear end. Once battered cars slow down a visit to the pit stop is mandatory. The race continues with colored balls being left on the track.

Red balls act like missiles while yellow ones fly in a straight line and blue colored balls act like banana skins on the track. Players can also leave their own colored bubbles on tracks which will act as fog up devices for opponents screen. F1 Race Stars feature teams and drivers in the current F1 season and 11 courses based on real life situations though with cartoonish accents to add to the gaming effect.



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