F1 static cars in Delhi and Formula One events a boost to upcoming inaugural Indian Grand Prix

With just over a month to go for the inaugural Formula One race at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida to get underway, curiosity and interest around F1 is increasing. Formula 1 cars have been drawing attention of Delhi racing enthusiasts like bees to honey.  The Indian Grand Prix which is scheduled for October 28th 2011 is something India is about to witness for the first time.

Static F1 cars are giving people a close view of racing vehicles of what that cars that are used in a F1 race look like.  A Red Bull Racing F1 car has been seen on the streets of Noida, and Ferrari too unveiled their static car at Select Citiwalk in Saket.

Various F1 racing teams which will be seen at Airtel Indian Grand Prix at Noida will be visiting in the coming two weeks with special events to stir up viewer enthusiasm.  Mr. Ian Albiston, F1 Project Manager for Ferrari and Shell said that Indian sports fans were very enthusiastic about the first ever GP in India.  Once the GP draws to a close it will open new avenues for the sport in the future.

Though many a racing and F1 aficionado may already have tickets to the main event, the majority, without Paddock Club courtesies are unlikely to experience seeing these mean machines upfront.  While many are interested in Formula 1 and had been following their progress over the years, Indian fans have hardly ever viewed a race car from close.  Now, being able to experience these cars upfront will give people an idea of how powerful and huge they really were. All of these activities to engage the public would make people take special interest in the forthcoming F1 weekend. For those who aren’t going to be at the event, it’s the weekend telecast that will have everyone interested.