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Fancy license plates beware: Delhi increases fine from Rs 100 to Rs 5,000

delhi police to fine rs 5000 for fancy number plates

Delhi Traffic Police will be keeping an eagle eye out for defaulters who continue to flout the law, where number plates on two and four wheelers are concerned. An extensive drive has been launched in the capital, starting 18/07/2013, to curb the use of fancy number plates on vehicles.

delhi police to fine rs 5000 for fancy number platesFine for first time offenders is increased from an earlier INR 100 to a whopping INR 2,000, while for persistent offenders, the fine is further amplified to INR 5,000 or could even result in imprisonment for upto a year or in some cases both.

Rule 50 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989 states that registration number plates are the identity of the vehicle. Hence all letters and numbers written on it should be clear and legible and of a specified font and color. Earlier offenders would just shell out the petty fine levied and continued to flout rules. However, with the fine being increased several fold, it will be a big price to pay for soiled, fancy or number plates filled with stickers. For more information, scroll through the press release below.

Speaking to a local garage owner, Kulbir, he said that the past few days has seen about 2 to 3 car/bike owners visiting his place to get the number plates fixed. Hopefully this number would increase in the coming days, and Delhi Police would be the first in India to become successful in bringing an end to this stupidity. Learning from this, hopefully traffic police in other Indian cities too start similar campaigns.


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  • Sunita

    hope they bring an end to this nonsense