Fast charging tech charges bus batteries in just 15 seconds – Video

TOSA buses – Trolleybus Optimisation Systeme Alimentation are being used in Geneva. This new line of buses has not only enhance public transport system in the region but if it is brought to India, would bring an end to traffic pollution woes.

These electric buses are being developed by Geneva’s public transport operator TGP, Office of Promotion of Industries and Technologies, Geneva power Utility SIG and ABB. The buses could allow India to reduce 3.7 million tons of CO2 emissions.


On initial inspection, TOSA buses look like regular electric trolley buses, however, it is the existence of trolley poles located on the roof of the bus that connect to overhead likes that draws ones attention. There is a moving arm on the bus connecting to an overhead receptacle which is integrated with a bus terminal. This allows for fast charging technology which in turn transfers power to the batteries in the bus for 15 seconds.

This is done when the bus halts at a stop, when passengers are getting on and off. In these 15 second period, the electric arm supplies 600 kW power to the batteries, allowing the bus to travel a distance of 2 kms with 130 passengers on board. A full charge at a bus terminal takes around 4-5 minutes thus saving time and energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


The $16 million order from Geneva’s transport operator and HESS – Swiss bus makers will offer flash charging and onboard electric vehicle technology to 12 such TOSA vehicles running from Geneva airport. ABB will be providing 13 flash charging stations, a technology which has been developed by ABB engineers in Switzerland. When fully commissioned by 2018, these buses will transport over 10,000 passengers per day.

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