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FASTag passive RFID tag for Indian Electronic Toll Collection

Indian Electronic Toll Collection system will evolve into newer technologies and facilities including touch-card, debit card, etc, and contribute to nation’s growth. FASTag is a passive RFID tag affixed on the windscreen. It has to be recharged and one has to drive through FASTag Lanes at toll plazas for automatic deduction. SMS alerts will be sent to a registered mobile number for toll fee deducted, and low balance.

FASTag services are available at 24 toll plazas on Delhi-Mumbai sectionFASTag services are available at 24 toll plazas on Delhi-Mumbai section, and will be implemented on all National Highways. In time, FASTag will be extended for fuel payments and entry fee payments at State Border check posts. ICICI Bank is offering FASTag, and soon FASTag from Axis Bank will soon be available. Point of Sales will be set up at toll plazas too.

ETC system is intended to save commuters time, fuel, money and reduce pollution, and is installed at 55 Toll Plazas and their integration with Central Clearing House (CCH) operators is almost complete. A web based portal lets National Highway users access information on toll fee and other details. Being GIS based, toll plazas can be searched on a map.

State-wise list toll plazas are listed with name, location, National Highway and section/stretch number is easy to find. Users can acquire info by entering toll plaza ‘name’ for information. Toll Plaza Location and fee amount can be ascertained easily. Rates can also be accessed on mobile phones by sending SMS to 56070 with predefined text messages.

National Highways and Indian Highways Management Company Ltd. (IHMCL) executes Ministry of Road Transport & Highways’ data collection project, which includes seven-day traffic surveys, twice annually, at more than 1600 location on all National Highways across India using portable Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier (ATCC) systems. Video of Vehicular movement during survey will be used for data verification.

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