Father-son duo steal Mercedes on pretext of test drive, arrested

Earlier in May this year, three men arrived at the posh Mercedes-Benz dealership in New Delhi, which is owned and operated by T&T Motors. Of the three, two claimed to be father-son – Anil Anand (54) and Sahil Anand (23). The trio was at the dealership to purchase a brand new car.

But before they can make a purchase, they wanted to take a test drive of one beforehand. Attending them on that day was Deepak Kumar, the Sales Manager at the T&T Motors outlet. As is the norm, after filling and signing requisite paperwork, the duo asked for keys of the test drive vehicle.

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The trio managed to get the keys and go for a test drive in a brand new Mercedes-Benz car, which costs INR 40 lakh on road (not sure which model, but it could be CLA Class or the GLA Class). Usually a person from the dealership joins the customer when going on a test drive. It seems that Deepak let the trio go on a test drive without any person from the dealership joining them.

The result, the trio never returned. After hours of waiting and sending search parties, when all returned empty-handed, Deepak registered a complaint at a local police station. Thanks to the CCTV cameras, their faces were easily captured. The documents they had submitted, were fake.

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Weeks passed. Nothing happened. Just when all hope was lost, earlier this week the cops got a tip that the accused from the showroom is going to cross Gurgaon in a stolen car. Luckily, Anil and Sahil were driving the same Mercedes car which they had stolen from the showroom, but with a different registration number. The duo was arrested on the spot.

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