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Fearless Felix Baumgartner completes successful free fall Stratos dive from 128,097 feet

After reaching a height of 128,097 feet, Felix Baumgartner leaped out to create a world record for the world highest free fall dive. This feat was postponed earlier due to high winds but was completed efficiently and without hassle the day after.

The helium balloon carried Felix to a height of 128,097 feet where universe meets the atmosphere after which he plummeted to the earth at speeds of 1137 km/h landing safely in the New Mexico Desert. The duration of the free fall lasted for about 9.03 minutes. Though during the initial part of the jump, Felix started spinning, he quickly regained his balance and successfully opened his parachute  gracefully landing in the desert environment.

The team and Felix prepared for this event for the last five years which was designed to test the effects of space on the human body. The data collected by Felix during his free fall will be used to scientifically test the body’s ability to handle the effects high altitudes.


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