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Feddz Electric Bike to change urban lifestyle

FEDDZ Bike is the solution to urban commuting. Designed and built by German firm, Emo-Bike, the FEDDZ bike is the key to solving emission problems, parking limitations, traffic constraints, cargo confines and every commuting difficulty faced by commuters in this day and age.

It caters to the needs of delivery boys with cumbersome packages, sports enthusiasts carrying heavy and bulky sports equipment, courier delivery services and the like. It is fitted with a cavity in the place of an engine and fuel tank which in turn results in storage space of upto 23 liters, well sufficient for storage of logs, pizzas, sport equipment or a large package or toolbox. For added safety, the cargo space is equipped with two straps with quick release closures, while a USB connection is available for riders to charge their mobile phones.

FEDDZ Bike was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show. It hit markets last year and is available at €5,990 for 25 and 45 models with ECO batteries and €6,990 for models with Premium batteries.

This bike however raises some questions.
Do riders of the FEDDZ Bike need licenses?

The 45 kmph models require a scooter or car driver’s license in Germany while the 25 kmph model only requires MOFA approval. Riders of the FEDDZ need to wear a helmet and insurance but the bikes do not need to be registered or inspected. Thankfully there are plenty of companies that can you help you with your insurance, such as Kwik-Fit Insurance or Bennetts to name a few, easily accessed online. The register requirements may however vary according from country to country.

Is the battery quickly charged and what is battery range offered?

There are two battery options being offered with the first being a 1600 Wh ECO battery offering upto 43.5 miles range and a 2,100 Wh Premium battery offering upto 68 miles range all on single charge. The ECO battery takes upto 5.5 hours for a complete charge while the Premium battery charges in a matter of 7 hours with both guaranteed to give 500 recharging cycles.

Is the FEDDZ Bike sturdy, comfortable and capable?

FEDDZ Bike receives an aluminum frame with a 1320 mm wheelbase. It weighs a total of 73 lb (33kgs) minus the 25 lb (11.5 kg) battery is locked into place while it receives Manitou suspension form, Magura hydraulic disc brakes and 26” Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyres. Seat and handle bars can be adjusted according to driver’s comforts while anodized footrests offer support for feet.

Is the FEDDZ too expensive for popularity?

Available at €5,990 for 25 and 45 models with ECO batteries and €6,990 for models with Premium batteries, buyers may find this bike somewhat costly. However taking into account its advantages of space saving, efficient parking, easy storage and returns on economy, could make the FEDDZ attractive to users who want to contribute their bit to conserving energy and preserving the environment.

Does FEDDZ come with a guarantee?

Last, but by no means the least, FEDDZ comes with a 2 year guarantee against material and production defects. The batteries are guaranteed for 2 years for a minimum of 500 full recharges or 70% of normal capacity.

The V lithium ion batteries are integrated in the lower rear section and can be easily removed, unlocked and carried via a fold out handle allowing the rider to charge it at home or at the office.

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