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Biker gets instant revenge after female driver tries to overtake in a single lane

Biker gets instant revenge

What happens when a two lane road merges into a single lane?

A biker was riding on a busy two-lane road in South Windsor, Connecticut. He was riding in the left lane, and a lady driver was driving her car in the right lane, a little behind the driver.

Now the two-lane road converts into a single lane road. As per rules, the one in the left lane gets an advantage over the one in right lane. But that is not what happens in the video below.

As soon as the road becomes single lane, the lady on the right brings her car into the left lane, as if the biker does not exist. Though such incidents happen probably at every 10 meters in busy Indian cities, abroad if you do this, it is punishable by law.

Luckily, the biker had his camera on, so he managed to record the entire episode. Within seconds of this, he found a cop car parked at an empty parking lot. He went to the cop and told what happened. Surprisingly, the cop immediately turned on his car and went in pursuit of the lady driver. The video ends once the cop manages to stop the lady driver on the side of the road.


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Sagar Patel

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  • I wish in india too such people are taught a lesson

    • Net Troll

      In India people look forward to become the serial killer on wheels. The cops rarely bother checking of over speeding or lane cutting. I don’t think there is a single challan issued for lane cutting or dangerous driving by cabbies. At lease in Delhi every second driver is a maniac on wheels.

      • India is far behind when it comes to following the law. There is lot of corruption,mis management,Stereo type beliefs,linguistic issues, lack of public safety and what not…India is in a mess !!!

      • Vinny

        For issuing tickets to offenders that may require a half a billion units of challan. That’s a lot of work, work reduces the cholesterol level in the blood. That’s bad for the cops.

        • Net Troll

          That, Sir is the best comment. ^

  • Vinny

    Holy moley. This happens to me whenever i go for a ride. I got used to this and let the asswhipes pass by.