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Owner of this Ferrari 458 Italia wants your money to get it fixed

With repair costs estimated at €210,000 ($234,624/INR 1,49,29,230) the damaged Ferrari 458 Italia could soon be back on the road. This is provided philanthropic persons come forward to help its owner who has been left with no other alternative than to resort to crowdfunding.

Now known as The Dead Ferrari project, the idea is to collect donations from strangers (about 50,000 of them) who will in return get their photo printed on the bonnet of the car. Of these 50,000, one lucky winner gets to keep the car for one full month.

The owner’s idea is to put the Ferrari to artistic use so that anyone can pay as little as €3.99/cm2 to upload a picture on the hood, chassis or bumper of the vehicle. The picture can be chosen for upload while the money so collected will go towards repair of the Ferrari 458 Italia which will then go back on the road as an Object d’Art on wheels (with photos of all 50,000 people who contributed).

All it needs is convincing of 50,000 persons to participate in this artistic project. After the money is collected and Ferrari restored to its former glory, one lucky winner, who will be selected by way of lucky draw will be allowed to keep the Ferrari 458 Italia for an entire month. This is valid only if the winner resides in Europe. For a non-European winner, they are offering a $5000 Hertz or Avis voucher as compensation.

The badly damaged Ferrari. Interiors too are gone.


The Crash Video

For more info, visit TheDeadFerrari.com

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