Ferrari California T gets UV painted at 100 mph in wind tunnel – Video

Ferrari was kind enough to lend a black California T to Oefner who then placed it at the company’s wind tunnel in Maranello HQ. Once the wind reached a speed of 105 mph (169 kmph), he released small bright streams of UV paints (red, yellow and blue) which were deposited on the car.

A Unique Stage for a Unique Performance from Ferrari USA on Vimeo.

The artist then recorded the happenings inside wind tunnel under illumination of 40 UV lights. The result is this breath taking video. The paint streams spread dynamically over the surface of Ferrari California T, underscoring its aerodynamic efficiency.

Ferrari UV paint shoot (1)

Entire film was shot with two different cameras over a period of three days. After every shot, the car was wiped clean.

Talking about the impressive piece of work, car loving Oefer says,

When you think of a Ferrari you think about beautiful design, but you also think about speed, and I wanted to find a way to visualize both these things.

Ferrari UV paint shoot
40 UV lights and 30 gallons of red, yellow and blue UV paints had been used for this project.

Not only the video, the photographs of whole process have emerged to be stunning. We are pretty sure that Ferrari didn’t mind letting Oefner and his team spray UV paint on one of its cars indiscriminately, considering the awesome outcome.