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Ferrari taxi crash in Singapore creates uproar among locals: Cops looking for a man who stole money from the accident scene and Late taxi driver’s family to receive help from government (Photos & Video)

A 29 second video footage of an accident involving a Ferrari 599 GTO and a blue taxi that caused the death of three people has sparked off anger amongst locals as the Ferrari driver was seen breaking the red light at high speed and this resulted in the driver crashing into a taxi whose driver was proceeding innocently on the turn of green light. The accident took place on Saturday May 12, 2012. The video was shot by the car behind the unfortunate blue taxi.

Ferrari driver has been identified as 31 year old Ma Chi, a Chinese businessman while the taxi driver is 52 year old Cheng Teck Hock. The video has sparked off anger among the public where there is strong anti foreign sentiment. People have posted articles attacking both Chinese and foreigners and criticized the government’s immigration policy.

What has instigated more ire is the fact that an unknown man in his 30s was seen stealing money and coins from the dead victim who lay in the vehicle. Police have sent out an appeal to anyone who may have recognized the person who was dressed in a T Shirt and shorts who is suspected of stealing about $300 from the dying woman instead of helping her. Ms. Ito was later taken to a hospital where she breathed her last.

Chen Teck Hock, 52, the taxi driver succumbed to his injuries at a nearby hospital on May 13. He leaves behind a wife, two sons and a daughter. Law and Foreign Affairs Minister Mr K Shanmugam said that Hock’s family will be offered all necessary assistance on a long term basis and will be provided with all their economic and social needs by the Government.


Ferrari crash into taxi in Singapore



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