Ferrari explains 1.6l 2014 F1 engine: Tests it on LaFerrari

Ferrari has revealed two videos, one explaining their 2014 F1 engine, and the other showing how the engine performs on their flagship sportscar, LaFerrari.

The 2014 Formula 1 season will see some major changes being incorporated. The biggest of them is engine change. From the naturally aspirated 2.4l V8 this year, from next year F1 will feature 1.6l turbocharged V6 engine. Ferrari adds, “The energy recovery system will be powered off the exhaust and will deliver around an extra 160 horsepower for over 30 seconds each lap. The engines will have a rev limit of 15000 rpm and have to last for around 5000 kilometres as opposed to the current 2000.”

“There is no one single aspect of the new project that is more critical than the next,” began the engineer. “I’d say it’s difficult in all 360 degrees. For example, the turbo is a new type which runs to 25,000 rpm and is definitely something absolutely new. Also the very complex electronics and management systems are a very big step forward, which means that engine management will be a very difficult challenge.”

The difference will only be seen once the season commences. Below is the 2014 calendar in full:

16/03 Australia
30/03 Malaysia
06/04 Bahrain
20/04 China
11/05 Spain
25/05 Monaco
08/06 Canada
22/06 Austria
06/07 Great Britain
20/07 Germany
27/07 Hungary
24/08 Belgium
07/09 Italy
21/09 Singapore
05/10 Japan
12/10 Russia
02/11 United States
09/11 Brazil
23/11 Abu Dhabi

For more information, scroll through the press release below.

Ferrari's 1.6l turbocharged F1 engine