Ferrari F1 team Technical Director Pat Fry talks about Jerez 2012 Formula One pre-season testing

Pat Fry, Technical Director at Ferrari had this to say at the end of the Jerez Formula One pre-season testing last week with the new F2012. “There’s no reason for us to take the fuel out and try and do a quick time to make headlines in the newspapers.”

“However, we must try and maximise the limited twelve days of testing available to us. We have already lost some valuable time when it snowed in Fiorano: on the first day here, Felipe had to do all the work that we could have got through last week, making the most of the opportunity of the promotional filming. With only three tests available, the work has to be more compressed compared to last year and there is a lot of it to get through. The base line is good and we are working through everything that has to be tried to find the best balance on the car, especially in the various phases of the various types of corner. The matrix of solutions we are working on is pretty extensive and one can say that, on practically every run, we are trying different configurations. Here and in Maranello, we are working very hard on data analysis and also using the simulator so as to be sure that we can put together the best possible package.”

He added, “Parts are arriving here from the factory which should prevent this type of problem from reoccurring. From a reliability point of view, the car seems good, as it was in the past. As for performance, I can only say that it is going to take a lot of analysis to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together.” For Ferrari fans his message was, “all of us are working very hard…”