Ferrari F12 Berlinetta auction to raise money for Hurricane Sandy rescue efforts

In order to help raise money to bolster rescue efforts being carried out during aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Ferrari will be auctioning the very first F12 Berlinetta to be sold in America. Proceeds of this auction will be donated to the American Red Cross. The auction will be held on November 17th at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas at 9:00 am eastern time.

In order to collect money for relief efforts Ferrari along with the American Red Cross has opened a page through which individuals can make donations for this noble cause. Though the F12 Berlinetta will be available during the first quarter of 2013, sources at Ferrari hope that this auction will surpass actual price of the car and thereby help the rescue efforts being carried out.

Apart from Ferrari there are a number of other car brands and manufacturers who have donated generously to the American Red Cross. Names include- Chrysler’s Ram brand, BMW, Hyundai, GM, Ford, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen.


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