Ferrari F2012 stays put at 7th on Day 2 at Jerez 2012 Formula One pre-testing while Michael Schumacher clocks fastest lap on MGP W02

Yesterday saw Felipe Massa take to pre-testing for the 2012 Formula One testing at the Jerez circuit starting out with the usual installation lap. Efforts were concentrated on data acquisition in context to F2012 handling. Massa then went for 51 laps of the 69 laps he did on day 1 with his fastest lap time clocked at 1.22.815 placing him as 7th fastest for the day while Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus clocked the days’ best lap time at 1.19.670. In records to times recorded on 1st day of testing, evaluation becomes difficult keeping in mind usual unknowns including choice of tyre, and fuel used on the day in addition to the fact that the work programme varies for F1 teams. Testing continued through today.

Chief Designer at Scuderia Ferrari, Nikolas Tombazis had this to say. “It’s true that you always experience a special feeling when the car goes out on track for the first time and you cannot deny it,” said the Greek designer when he met with journalists who had gathered at the end of the first day of the Jerez test. “And today was no different to many others I have been through just like it.”

“This car represents a clear break with the one that preceded it and it features concepts that are very different for us and that require much more fine tuning. That’s why today we absolutely did not have an eye on the stopwatch, preferring to concentrate on gathering as much data as possible in order to get as good an understanding as possible of the behaviour of the car. We have much to do, but all in all, there are reasons to be pleased with the three hundred kilometres that we put together with Felipe at the wheel. We had to experiment with different solutions and that will be the case for the next few days as well: it’s obvious that some delivered what was expected while others did not, but that’s the purpose of testing, getting to understand how a car behaves and how best to develop it.”

“We decided that the only way to make a step forward was to be much more aggressive in our approach to the design of the car. It’s true that the arrival of Pat in the role of Technical Director made a significant contribution to this change, but it was a direction our group had already initiated. It is obviously too early to say if this year we will be able to win or not, but no one will be able to accuse us of having been timid in the design of this car.”

Felipe Massa in his F2012 again came in 7th fastest on Day 2 of 2012 Formula One pre-season at Jerez with a fastest lap time of 1.21.060. Michael Schumacher of Mercedes AMG Petronas in the 2012 MGP W02 race car clocked the fastest lap of the day at 1.18.561.

Felipe Massa started the day with his double installation lap and had no issues with the F2012. Efforts were still concentrated on Today’s data collection to analyse ‘behaviour of the car’. As such, nothing spectacular was to be expected from Ferrari in terms of lap times as the team went on to do their ‘job in the proper way’. At the first run Massa clocked 1.21.418, and the second round didn’t result in lap time improvement. During the third run, Felipe clocked his day’s best at 1.21.060.