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Ferrari FF NOVITEC ROSSO upgrade


The new Ferrari FF boasts of an upgrade from NOVITEC ROSSO which provides this vehicle with a superior aerodynamic package, carbon fiber body work as also options of ultra light 21 or 22 inch wheels. The Ferrari FF has been provided with a superior crafted aerodynamic exterior which bolsters performance and drive experience considerably. Its ultra light carbon fiber body improves stability and decreases speed allowing for this car to zip along roads.

A front spoiler lip coupled with a roof and rear spoiler plus diffuser provide a dynamic look for the car. These additions help to improve aerodynamics of this car to a great extent. Black NOVITEC ROSSO taillights and LED fog lamps are also provided.

Carbon fiber trims have been used for the exterior mirrors and side skirts to provide a sportier look. NOVITEC ROSSO sport springs have been installed to lower the centre of gravity and improve driving experience. This package also includes an engine tuning which has increased power produced by this car by 42 hp to 702 hp thereby allowing it to cavort down roads at speeds of 340 kmph which is 5 km more than the production variant. Loner carbon fiber shift paddles help one to change easily through the seven speeds of the Ferrari FF. Interior package includes customized leather seats and cockpit which can be done in any type of color preferred by a customer.


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