Ferrari Formula One race car for 2012 F1 season F2012 unveiled (Photos)

Ferrari unveiled their all new Formula One race car F2012 earlier today. Ferrari F2012 will be competing with other F1 cars this season with the sole aim of bringing those glory days back to the Ferrari stable. Ferrari was going to unveil their new F1 car in front of media and VIP’s, but due to heavy snowfall in Maranello, Ferrari had to cancel that plan. Ferrari then decided to go ahead and unveil their car online, via their official website.

After seeing the car, Ferrari fans around the world have criticized stating that F2012 is the ugliest ever Ferrari Formula One car. Describing their new F1 car, Ferrari stated, “The nose has a step in it that is not aesthetically pleasing: with the requirement from the regulations to lower the front part, this was a way of raising the bottom part of the chassis as much as possible for aerodynamic reasons.”

Mr Sefano Domenicali, Team Boss, Ferrari, said, “I am sure our car will be winning right from the beginning. We have learned many lessons from the past, and taken some difficult decisions. But I am sure all our efforts will be represented with this car. From a technical point of view, we have many novelties in terms of mechanics and also the shape of the car. [But] we wanted some continuity here, and hopefully we will reach the right performance. We have only 12 days to work on the car and achieve reliability, and also test the new tires that have been given to us by Pirelli.”

Ferrari hopes that F2012 will be much better than what Ferrari 2011 F1 race car had to offer. Ferrari also announced that they have extended their partnership with Santander to 2017 end. Speaking about Felipe Massa, who had a terrible run last season, Ferrari Boss says, “Felipe has been here 10 seasons in F1, always with a Ferrari [engine], always with us. A great, great talent and I am sure this year after a difficult season he will show his great value for himself and the whole team.”