Ferrari Hasselblad bring out H4D-40 limited edition camera worth $29,499

Only 499 units of a limited edition H4D – 40 will be brought out as a combined venture between Ferrari and Hasselblad.  This camera is what every photographer dreams of when attempting to capture the ultimate in image quality.  The camera is sure to appeal to all Ferrari and Hasselblad fans that are looking for quality, design and innovation that is the hallmark of both these world renowned brands.

The camera in question comes with an 80 mm lens and is housed in an equally well designed box with a glass top seen with the Ferrari Racing Shied.  The box is divided into two compartments one for the camera exclusively, while the lens and accessories are placed in a separate compartment.

Now you may wonder what exactly sports cars and cameras have in common.  Both the companies, Ferrari and Hasselblad are world renowned companies with similar passions for quality, design and performance and it is with this passion that they have collaborated together to bring out the H4D Limited edition Ferrari Camera which is priced at $29,499.  Now with only 499 units in circulation you can well imagine the eagerness with which fans will clamor to possess one of these beauties.

Press Release

Hasselblad Announces Pricing and Shipping Date for the H4D Ferrari Limited Edition Camera

First announced at photokina, and received with great enthusiasm from Hasselblad and Ferrari fans, the exclusive H4D Ferrari Edition camera is now available to purchase for 21,499 Euros (+tax). This brand new model is dedicated to the new generation of photographers looking for the ultimate image quality, and will be produced in 499 units. A winning combination, the Hasselblad H4D Ferrari Limited Edition camera will have appeal to Ferrari and Hasselblad fans who appreciate the innovation, quality and design that symbolize both brands.

The H4D Ferrari Limited Edition is finished in Ferrari’s unique color “rosso fuoco”, and bears the legendary Racing Shield. The camera, which comes with an 80mm lens, is presented in an exclusively designed and engineered box with a glass top equally labeled with the distinctive Ferrari Racing Shield. Dual layers, one for the camera, with the lens and accessories housed in a separate lower level, are lined with a soft and rich material. This striking case is housed in a special handmade case and therefore is ideal for both storage and display.

For more than 6 decades Ferrari as well as Hasselblad are renowned for technological innovative solutions, passion for excellence and an extraordinary sense of style. Based upon that mutual and absorbing passion, Ferrari and Hasselblad partner in the launch of this new generation of H4 cameras.

For Ferrari enthusiasts striving to produce images at top speed, the new Phocus Quick software by Hasselblad that simply sidesteps any kind of complex postproduction will turn out to be the perfect tool to “strike home”.