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Ferrari LaFerrari recall underway to prevent fire accidents?

According to a Dutch media report, Ferrari is calling all 499 owners of LaFerrari for a free upgrade to prevent a possible fire risk. Details are scarce but Ferrari has said some kind of adjustments need to be made to fuel tank. Does this mean all 499 units are prone to catching fire?

This photo was taken at a dealership in Germany, where the car was dismantled into two halves to perform the “upgrade”. This seems to be more than just a minor fix.

Recent Ferrari cars have a history of catching fire suddenly, looks like the super exclusive LaFerrari is not excluded from that risk.

Ferrari has told Autocar that all LaFerrari units will get a ” free fuel tank upgrade”. Although it is a complicated process (from the looks of it) and it takes about 8 hours per car to complete, the Italian supercar maker refrains from using the word recall. Further, the company seems to be cool about it as there hasn’t been any reported incident involving fire yet.

Last year, at the Trento-Bondone Hill Climb in Italy, one of the 499 Ferrari LaFerraris participated and showed signs of suspicious flames coming out of the rear. The car left behind a trail of smoke and some damages to the rear bumper were noticed then.

Whatever be the real deal, the image of LaFerrai in the title above, looks scary. We are not sure if all Ferrari service stations across the world are capable enough to perform this upgrade, which includes dis-assembling the car into two halves.

What if there is no Ferrari service centre in your city, state or country? Do you have to fly the car to Maranello? What about performance after this upgrade? Would it remain same? There will be many such questions going through the mind of 499 exclusive owners around the world.

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