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Ferrari owner in India, pays Rs 2.5 crores for overspeeding

Ferrari owner in India, pays Rs 2.5 crores for overspeeding 2

Two weeks ago, John Pascal had his prized Ferrari impounded by the cops when he was caught travelling a high speed across the Worli promenade in South Mumbai. Spotted and arrested for rash driving on March 30, the Pedder Road business man has had to shell out INR 2.5 crores bond to get his supercar back.

Ferrari owner in India, pays Rs 2.5 crores for overspeeding 2Spotted driving fast by police chief Rakesh Maria, John Pascal has promised the court that he would present his car at any time when demanded during the trial. However, the Ferrari found itself in the possession of the Worli police who have refused to return it to its rightful owner while the traffic police have also recommended that Pascal’s driving license be cancelled due to repeated violation of traffic norms.

Following much contemplation, it has now been revealed that Pascal has submitted this bond of INR 2.5 crores and all formalities have been completed. The car has been handed over to the owner by Mumbai cops.

Late last month, Pascal was speeding at about 120 kmph across the Worli sea face when he was spotted by Mumbai Police Commissioner, Rakesh Maria who was on night patrol. He alerted the police control room who in turn ensured that the speeding Ferrari was brought to a halt at the nakabandi at Atria Mall on Annie Besant road.

This was not the first time offence that has got Pascal on the wrong side of the law. Earlier last year, he was also found to be speeding in his Ferrari along with another businessman in a Lamborghini. The cops stopped both cars but failed to prosecute the drivers immediately and instead booked two other persons who claimed to be driving the vehicles thus allowing the real culprits to go scot free. The sub inspector has been placed under suspension and is facing questioning for letting the real drivers off without any sentencing.

Source Mumbai Mirror


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