Ferrari Portofino picks up the baton from California T

The car is 80 kg lighter and 35% stiffer than the California T.

Ferrari has released more details about its newest entry level contender, the Portofino, on the sidelines of the car’s showcase at the ongoing 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The V8 Twin-turbo hard-top 4-seater convertible will replace the California T.

The new sportscar which is named after a quaint little coastal village along the Italian riviera is claimed to have vastly improved hardware compared to the outgoing model. The California T was not a bad looking car but its successor is way more attractive to say the least.

The front fascia has more character, the profile sports sculpted sheet metal (clearly dictated by the laws the aerodynamics) and a fastback-like roof. The snazzy rear end houses instantly recognizable circular taillights and quad exhaust pipes.

Inside, the Ferrari Portofino is equipped with a refined version of its predecessor’s dashboard design and layout. Key highlight is the larger centre console-mounted touchscreen infotainment screen.

It’s not just about the aesthetics. The boffins from Maranello have managed to shave off around 80 kg from the kerb weight compared to the California T. And they also went ahead and cranked up the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine’s output to seriously impressive 600 hp and 760 Nm of torque.

The Ferrari Portofino takes a mere 3.5 seconds to hit 100 kmph from rest and 10.8 seconds to reach 200 kmph. The massive carbon ceramic brakes ensure that it comes to a stand still from 100 kmph in just 111 feet.

To further enhance the performance, Ferrari has increased the chassis stiffness by a commendable 35%, reduced the coefficient of drag by 6%, equipped the car with new E-Diff3 (electronically controlled differential), and many more.

Pricing and delivery schedule are yet to be announced.