Ferrari secures 18 points at 2014 Australian Grand Prix

Jenson Button’s Mclaren finished in 4th place, 6.2 seconds ahead of Alonso. Others who finished in points today were Bottas, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, Vergne, Kvyat and Perez. Race day gave Ferrari 14 points and plenty of data to analyse over the next 10 days before Round 2 of gets underway at Malaysia.

GP AUSTRALIA F1/2014Electrical glitches on both F14 T didn’t allow both cars to perform as well as they can and some tyre graining problems added to Raikkonen’s problems today. After the 1st race, Ferrari is 4th in the Constructors Championship with 18 points.

Australian GP saw a Marussia stuck on the grid at race start, laps behind the Safety Car, plenty of overtaking, Kimi being hot by Kobayashi’s Caterham at Turn 1, Hulkenberg keeping Fernando just behind until the 2nd pit stop with Ferrari getting out ahead of Force India by staying on track a lap longer, pitting on lap 34.

Most drivers planned their first tyre changes on lap 12 during the Safety Car period, after Bottas lost a wheel. The move did cost Kimi a bit of time after being briefly “queued” behind Alonso. Lewis Hamilton retired, and so did Sebastian Vettel. Kimi’s 2nd pit stop came on lap 36, a lap after Fernando Alonso.



Pos. Time Gap Laps FL L
ALONSO 5th 1:33.33.994 + 35.284 57 1.32.616 56
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 12 New Soft
2nd stop Lap 35 New Medium
RAIKKONEN 8th 1:33.56.385 + 57.675 577..111 1.33.691 56
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 12 New Soft
2nd stop Lap 36 New Medium

Weather: air 18/20 °C, track 22/27 °C. Sunny

Stefano Domenicali: “The first race of the championship has provided a clear picture of the hierarchy at the start of season. It’s also shown which teams appear to have done the best job of dealing with these new regulations. Today, we achieved our objective in terms of reliability, but the gap we need to make up, especially to Mercedes, was clear to see. The information we have gathered this weekend clearly points to the direction we must take and what areas need the most work. It will be important to catch up as quickly as possible and react in the way this team has always proved capable of doing. Our engineers know what the priorities are and which areas need the most immediate attention.”

Fernando Alonso: “I’d have liked to start the season with a podium, but getting both cars to the flag is a good result, which can give us confidence, especially on the reliability front. I had some problems with the electric motor at the start and had to make a few changes from the steering wheel, but after the first ten laps everything went well. When I managed to pass Hulkenberg after the pit stop my pace was definitely better, although it was impossible to overtake. 35 seconds down on the leader is too big a gap and to work out what we need to do to close that gap, we will need to analyse the race, work out what are the strong and weak points on the car and with that in mind, the laps I did behind Nico can provide very useful information. We are a great team and I have total faith in our guys, because they did a great job today. We still have lots to learn about this new Formula 1, as the race was very strange and very difficult. But it’s only the start. We must concentrate on doing better in Malaysia.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “That wasn’t a straightforward race. At the start, I managed to get away well and even though I was hit from behind by another car at the first corner, my car was undamaged. The speed was good, but at one point I was suffering with graining on the front tyres, I had very little grip and a lot of understeer. From then on, the car’s handling was not the same. When it was time for the first stop, we had to do a double stop and that cost me a place. It’s definitely too early to make any definite judgement, because even if at the moment we don’t seem to be in great shape, we still managed to finish the race, scoring valuable points. We can’t be pleased with this result and we know there are many areas where we need to improve. But I’m sure that analysing the data from this first race will give us a clearer idea of the direction to work in.”

Pat Fry: “Going into this race, getting both cars to the finish seemed like the most difficult task, but in the end, we managed it. Today we saw how reliability can never be taken for granted: it caught some people out and it also affected our performance at some stages of the race. On both the F14 Ts, we had some electrical problems, especially on Kimi’s car, which meant he couldn’t use all the car’s potential. Fernando found himself behind Hulkenberg for many laps and he was only able to show what the car was capable of once he got ahead thanks to a spot on pit stop strategy. Kimi got a great start, but then for much of the race he suffered with graining on the front tyres and thus found himself having to defend, without being able to attack. There is much work ahead if we are to improve the car’s performance. We are up against several very strong opponents, but we have all the right tools to get the job done of closing the gap between us.”