Fiat Caffe Car-O-Bar now open in Bangalore

Fiat Caffe Car-O-Bar in Bangalore is a showroom of sorts with various other programs and activities held to attract customers. Retro night, stand-up comedy and a decent sized food menu are all a part of the set up.

Fiat Car Cafe Bangalore

Based on an automotive theme, various car parts form a part of the interior decoration with the front end of a Fiat Punto being a console for DJ, Punto Evo cut into half acts as the reception area while sofas are housed in the bonnet and boot of the Premiere Padmini. Walls are adorned with Fiat advertisements from the yesteryears while also dotted with alloy wheels and steering wheels.

Situated in the Domlur Layout in Bangalore, Fiat Caffe Car-O-Bar is an ideal place for auto enthusiasts in general and Fiat fans in particular. It also offers a decent food menu with Italian cuisine, while the library is stocked with books on the history of Fiat. Visitors to the Fiat Caffe Car-O-Bar can take test rides in the Fiat models on display after having enjoyed a flurry of activity and good food.

The activities, food and other facilities at the Fiat Caffe Car-O-Bar not only increases foot falls in the Showroom but also draws more attention to the Fiat brand. This is more more important, specially at a time when the automaker is experiencing lower than expected sales in the country. The company has ramped up its dealer network to 132 and is planning to set up more dealerships in the days ahead specially considering the new offerings set for this year. Abarth 595 Competizione, Jeep Wrangler & Cherokee and Punto Evo Abarth are all set to roll out from the Fiat stables during 2015.