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Fiat Grande Punto Van: five reasons to choose it

Choosing a business vehicle can be a difficult process – especially as there is so much choice currently available on the market. Big brands are continually releasing new models designed to capture the public attention and one obvious example is the Fiat Grande Punto van.

1. Cabin comfort

Perhaps one of the most well-documented merits of the Grande Punto van is the internal comfort levels. If you’re looking for a cosy environment from which to conduct your business and drive between corporate locations then this is certainly the right model.

The seats are comfortable so you get plenty of support while you drive and the dashboard is relatively uninterrupted so you don’t have to worry about being distracted during long journeys. Even the steering wheel is designed to be comfortable in the hand so you get the best possible experience while out on the road.

2. Generous space

As one of Fiat’s commercial vehicles, the Grande Punto van is bound to put storage space at the forefront. There’s a fairly generous amount of room for a vehicle of its class with a few additional side pockets through inside the doors for added convenience.

3. Stylish looks

More than just a functional vehicle, the Grande Punto van also manages to position itself as a stylish and attractive model which presents a great corporate image.

If you’re looking for a business vehicle which really tells people who you are and what you stand for then the Grande Punto van is perfect. It’s understated and elegant, giving your firm a professional and sophisticated image which paints you in a positive light without making you appear arrogant or showy.

4. Plenty of power

More than just a pretty face, you’ll find some decent equipment under the hood of this beast! The engine is capable of delivering a top speed of 103mph and you won’t eat into wallet too much with running costs either as a combined cycle can give fuel efficiency ratings of 62.8mpg.

5. Affordable

Along with the affordable running costs, the Grande Punto van is also competitively priced when it comes to buying one. This is great news for businesses who often approach the purchase of a new vehicle with trepidation for fear of the impact it’ll have on their finances.

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