Fiat India 75% sales decline with 270 cars sold in November 2012: The Future Roadmap for FIAT Chrysler in India


Fiat had laid out its ambitious plans to increase sales of vehicles in India but the current scenario is far from ambitious. November 2012 sales stand at 270 units which equates to 63 Linea units, and 207 Punto units. In comparison, Fiat sold 1037 cars in November 2011, which comprised of 223 Linea sedans, 813 Punto units and a single Palio. In October 2012, the company sold 568 vehicles in comparison to 622 units sold for the same period last year. Certainly breaking away from the dealership agreement with Tata Motors hasn’t transformed into a positive outcome.

Since 1990’s Fiat hasn’t been able to make too much progress in the Indian car market but now alongside Chrysler it hopes to reconnect with its customer base. The Future Roadmap for FIAT Chrysler in India will be discussed tomorrow. It is certain that the Italian automaker is serious about India, which it has been associated with for over decades. Fiat can hope to consolidate its presence in the global and domestic market and at the same time see growth in a sector which has been going strong even though current economic situation is sluggish.

Fiat will hope to win over customers in the B plus car segment and entry level sedan segment. However, it will need to rise up to the occasion this time, by revamping its dealerships and making sure that it stays at the top of its game in the retail business this time. Their festive season Absolute edition Linea and Punto launch in September 2012 did little to champion sales figures270 cars sold during festival month does not project what the company stands for.


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