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Fiat India launches Crafted for Car Lovers TVC, teases Abarth Punto

In spite of having a decent fan following and world-class cars on offer in their portfolio, Fiat India still is the amongst the lowest selling car brand in the country. The sales figures of August 2015 put them at just 642 units, in comparison, the largest selling car brand in India, Maruti Suzuki sold 1,06,781 cars in the same month.

Simply put, Maruti Suzuki sells more than 5.5 times the cars in a single day, than Fiat India sells in a single month.

So if the company has decent cars to offer, which can compete well with rivals in the segment, where does the problem lie?

Fiat India (or FIAT Chrysler Automobiles India) thinks its the brand image, which needs resurrection in order to enter the limelight. In order to do so, the company has launched a new brand campaign, called Crafted for Car Lovers. You can see the new brand TVC below.

Speaking about the new brand campaign, Fiat India wants to communicate with their customers. In the TVC you will see Fiat showcasing their entire line-up, and subtly implying that their cars are made for car lovers, and what the car lovers love.

Kevin Flynn, President and Managing Director, FCA India said that Fiat builds cars for those who are true car lovers and auto enthusiasts. These bunch of customers want a driving experience which is unmatched, and a car that has a robust build quality.

Through Fiat Car for Car Lovers campaign, the company aims to rekindle their trust amongst fans. He also says that India is a very important market for them, and that they are working constantly to improve their products, and provide world class service to their customers. Before signing off, he said that Fiat India also plans to introduce more cars from their international stable here in the country.

Ogilvy & Mather, the creative team behind this new TVC, says that during the making of the TVC, they interacted with many Fiat fans. What they realized that Fiat owners were different from other car buyers. They were more of car lovers than those interested in showing off.

For them, it did not matter if the car did not have extra chrome or stickers, what mattered to them is how the car took on curves, how the thud sounds when the door is shut, is the car built to take on potholes and so on. Ogilvy & Mather says that the new TVC is for those true Fiat owners and fans.

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The TVC also features the new Punto Abarth, a more powerful variant of the Fiat Punto Evo. It will be launched next month, and will be the most powerful hatchback on this side of INR 10 lakhs.

Fiat Abarth Punto – Photos

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